Wheel Collision specialises in four main categories of wheel services:

Wheel Colour Change

If you’re looking to give your vehicle a whole new look, then wheel sort you out with our wheel colour change! Pop into any of our Full Refurbishment centres in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town. You can transport your wheels to us from any of our Xpress Repair centres at selected Tiger Wheel & Tyre & TYRES & MORE® stores. Choose from various colours like Candy Apple, Mamba Green, Smoked Diamond Finish, Sky Blue, Anthracite, Standard Silver, Gloss Black, Matt Black or go big and customize to any colour of your choice.  

Full Refurbishments

These are repairs which may entail straightening, welding, machining, polishing and refinishing which results in a re-manufactured wheel at a fraction of the cost of a new wheel. Full refurbishments are done at the main refurbishment branches.


Cosmetic Touch Up Repairs

Cosmetic touch ups are repairs to a small to medium section of the wheel. The damage is minor, and the repair is blended into the undamaged area, leaving your wheel as original as possible. The original finish is not removed as happens when refurbishing a wheel. Mobile Mag Medic is a division of Wheel Collision that specialises in cosmetic touch-up repairs. This division has a fleet of vehicles which perform on-site repairs for customers, either direct to dealerships or to their office and home.


Wheel Straightening

The demand for buckled wheel repair is higher than ever thanks to the poor condition of our roads. Replacing a buckled alloy can be a very expensive process, which is why we provide our customers with buckled alloy wheel repair at a fraction of the cost of replacing the wheel.

Our straightening “while you wait” service is available at Wheel Collision and Xpress Repair centres situated at select TYRES & MORE® and Tiger Wheel & Tyre stores.


What causes a bent alloy wheel?

Wheels bend for several reasons, but usually some form of impact is involved. Whether potholes, raised manhole covers, speed bumps or curbs, there are many road hazards that can bend a wheel, causing it to become deformed or warped. Because the spokes must be on the front side of the wheel, it’s almost always easier to bend the wheel on the back, or “inboard” side, making it difficult to see the bend when the wheel is on the car.

What are the effects of a bent alloy wheel?

Over time a wheel can incur several bends in different areas of the wheel. Vibrations can be felt while driving, along with a shaky steering wheel. Furthermore, if the wheel is bent it is no longer sealing to the rubber tyre, causing the loss of air pressure which is dangerous as it can lead to a blowout.

How is a wheel straightened?

After removing the tyre, the alloy wheel is put on a hydraulic wheel straightening machine, that allows the damage to be inspected, measured and any bent or buckled damage pressed out using heat. We guarantee that the wheel will be returned to true shape, hold air when the tyre is remounted to the wheel, and will be properly balanced.

Straightening may entail welding and machining but no stripping, polishing or refinishing.

If your vehicle is vibrating and the steering wheel shaky, know that this is not normal and should be checked immediately to ensure your safety and the safety of your family and other road users. identifying and rectifying the problem allows for a smoother, more comfortable and enjoyable ride, helping to preserve your tyres and add kilometers to their lifespan.